Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Jonathan Keith - 2 years
Blake Alexander- 9 months

Granny C and Blakey
Granny C and Jonny
Well, I think it has been way too long since I have even blogged... Sad to say.. I have been looking at others blogs and decided I should get back into it. So here I am... I haven't posted since I was pregnant with Blake and now he is almost 10 months old... WOW... Our life is semi-normal right now. We live in Elizabethtown, KY now and we love it down here. Love our friends and our church and so on and so on.. Our boys are growing well :) Jonny will be 3 in December and Blake will be 1 in November. Jonathan leaves in October for basic and it has just hit me 2 days ago... We have had some wonderful visitors this past month.. I just realized that it is Sept. 1st!!! Jon and Nella and Katelynn Thompson came down one weekend, we met lil Daniel in Louisville the next, my bio mom came down the next, and my mom and dad came last weekend :) Needless to say it has been a busy month.. Now it is September... Time to make invites for Blake's party, take family pictures, go to our family reunion, enjoy church services, do MOPS, walk in the Walk for Life, and play dates :) Time flies so fast... God help me to cherish every moment and let the petty stuff pass :) God bless and happy September!!

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Leah said...

So happy that my daily posting was inspiration to get you started back up =) ha ha ha
Sounds like your life is also a whirlwind right now! Yes, stop and enjoy every moment... I was just thinking today how quickly time passes. Great pictures and adorable babies you've got there.