Friday, May 16, 2008

This is our FIRST family picture together!! We felt like we should get one done, and with Jonathan's work schedule, it seemed like our baby was going to have babies of his own by the time Jonathan worked it in. But alas, it happened, and we were pleased. Great things have been happening in our family, baby Jonathan, is eating baby foods-- he HATES, utterly LOATHES peas, but chows down on the sweet potatoes. He rolled over April 28th. And at the beginning of May he showed his rolling skills by rolling off the bed.. His dare devil stunt put a bruise by his eye, cut his foot, and a scrape on his head... Needless to say, I was scared.. He was crying when we raced in the room and I screamed, "Where did he go?!" Jonathan still makes fun of me for my dumb comment. We had other parenting "issues" too. Like a son who HATES his pacifier and LOVES his thumb. So Janella told me to put socks on his hands when he goes to sleep. Her mom did it for her (like a week and it made her stop when she kept sucking on sock.. Well, we tried it, and in the morning-- Jonny had wiggled BOTH socks off and had his thumb in his mouth. Absolutely CRAZY!! We love our little guy, and he knows it too. Sometimes, when he is in his jumperoo, he cries and cries, we walk over to him to pick him up, and he stops and smiles.... stinker... And this is only the beginning..... I can't wait to see how this baby is going to be as he gets older!!!!