Saturday, April 5, 2008

Some time well spent in the car

Jonathan did Grandpa Robbins hair Signature Sound Style

These four pics are crazy faces i requested on our ride to the Great American Steak and Buffet. I think some are close to the original look but I will let you decide who.

TN pics

Missionary Baptist Church- 1839

House in Cades Cove- early 1900's

Primitive Baptist Church- April, 1826

Methodist Church- note separate doors for ladies and men

Some pics of the chalet, i waited till the next day to take pics, so I didn't venture into anyones room but ours... it is a huge place with nice views and lots to do..

Monkeying around

I guess when you stay around a chalet for too long of a time and there is someone with any amount of energy, crazy things can happen. Here's Jonathan getting restless and climbing around. He got yelled at so much...

Some of the Chalet Past times

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Here's lil Daniel showing his moves on Jenga. It was all fun until HE ruined it by dropping it all over the floor. We have also been playing pool, playing on the arcade machine, and taking about letting a load on the ice rink.... inside joke...

Time in Tennessee

For some reason, the pics are not loading very well... But as soon as they do, they will be posted. We have been having a blast here.. Jonathan, me, and baby Jonny are here with Grandma & Grandpa Robbins, The O Donnells, Daniel Robbins family, and Grandma Hig. It has been so much fun. We travelled down Thursday, and went to Dixie Stampede that evening. Friday, Daniel, lil Daniel, Jonathan and I went to Ober Gatlinburg to go ice skating. It was great until the guys got kicked off the ice because they were speed skating.. If only they would be as good as me..... Then, that evening we went to The Comedy Barn with Greg, Anna, the kids and Dracinda. It was hilarious. We got baby Jonathan a horse dressed up like a cowboy.. We got to build it. Then today- Saturday- we went to Cades Cove, it was really neat.. Sunday is church and Monday we are going to DollyWood before we head back for Indiana... Pics to come. :)

Supper with Pete and Liz

Jonathan and I were invited to Pete and Liz's house for dinner. We absolutely had a blast. I almost DIED when we played Mad Gab because Pete and I royally stink... Jonathan and Liz did rather well. But Pete and I could show them up when we played racing on his Playstation 3. It was a great time, great food, and we even had chocolate!!!