Sunday, March 23, 2008

Jonathan and UBC

My son is so cute, that when he goes to a UBC choir service, the girls flock to the room where he is, they want to be with him and fight over his time. They want to be with him so bad. I guess it has to do with him also being 3 months old too... Here's Lestie and Janelle taking care of Jonny with some feeding and spoiling time. And all the way back from Petersburg, IN, he wanted to be held. He's spoiled.

Happy Easter!!

Aubrey and Jonathan Jr. HAD to have pictures together after church. They looked so cute with coordinating outfits on. Jonathan looks like a little man, and Aubrey is pretty happy with her little cousin. Happy Easter to all! He is risen!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Stage Six: kitchen decorating

Here's the finished product of our kitchen. Except our tablecloth and placemats that now adorn the table. It is so nice to have everything almost in its place!

Trip to southern Indiana

We took a trip down to grab Jonathan's mowing equipment. Of course we had to bring the baby or be sacrificed by the in -laws. Well, it was a suprise for Grandma and Grandpa Robbins when we showed up at their house! Note picture of rag-a-muffin Megan holding Jonathan. We are having a great time.

Pics of Jonathan

Man, doesn't he look happy to be here..

I guess being a baby really wears one out.

I LOVE it when he smiles!

First day behind the wheel...

He thinks * Hmmm I think I can drive better than Daddy!

A Visit from Nana and Dadu

Paul and Dorine A.K.A. Dadu and Nana, came to help us move and watch Jonathan- the baby, not the daddy- which they should have probably watched him too, he needs some watching... Anyways, they helped us get all of our junk out of the other place. I DIDN'T take pictures because we looked like the Beverly Hillbillies moving 7 minutes away. My father in law said I look like my family, and that's bad seeing how much junk my mom has!! (I love my mom). So, everything is about done (thanks to Paul and Dorine, ask Jonathan Thompson- that's all he talked about, all the work THEY were doing.)

Attempts to make a house a home

Stage One: Mess after remodeling

Stage Two: Attempts at cleaning mess

Stage Three: Mop all hardwood floors

Stage Four: Set our more decor. (Note to self: put broom away.)

Stage Five: My job is done, make the guys hang the trim that is SITTING against the wall!

Cookout with the Stevens family

This picture is showing my camera expertise. Notice the camera rope thingy-ma-bobber (what are they called anyways??)

We have been looking forward to good weather for like EVER.. Well, Bro. Stevens has been bragging about how well he cooks steaks (and he deserves all bragging rights- they were PHENOMENAL) Well we had good weather for steaks and it lasted long enough for us to get inside before the rain came down. We had a good time and Jonathan enjoyed his first time out in the stroller. Until his dad started pushing the stroller while riding his bike.. Then baby Jonny started crying. Seth and Sarah really enjoyed baby Jonathan and finally were allowed to hold him! (Guess I am kinda protective).