Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Favorite Kindergarten Class

Channing, Cayden, Tiffany, and Gage
Making our letters out of play doh

Ii is for Indian, so we made hats!!

It is not only my favorite Kindergarten class, but it is my only Kindergarten class! We have learned the sounds how to write Ii, Uu, and Ee. They are all doing a wonderful job! This year we have Channing, Cayden, Tiffany, and Gage. They are GREAT kids...

Finally posting.....

Jonathan is a natural with the Felicia's heart is set on him, much to Tommy Brown's dismay. :) I thought this pic was adorable. Even Felicia lol.

Life has been very busy. Apologies for not blogging sooner, we don't have the internet at home- trying to get it all figured out... But I haven't had time to blog anyways. I hear from some that I need to do it, so here I am, in my classroom- blogging. This picture is Jonny at Jen and Chris Yaney's home in Kentucky. He absolutely loved Jen and spending the weekend with her. Jonathan has been busy with his business and Baby Jonathan. I'm teaching part time at UBA and loving on baby. :)