Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Bubby!

He decided eating with his face was taster than using his hands...

Yum yum....

His party was 'red ball' theme. Everyone had to wear red. :)

Happy numero uno to our big boy!! love, Mama and Daddy

Merry Christmas!

These were the pics that we put on the Christmas cards that we mailed out. Just wanted everyone to see them. Speaking of Christmas, does anyone else feel all bah humbug about the holiday? Did you just MAKE yourself put up the tree? Did you dread the shopping? Did licking the envelopes make you CRINGE!?! (okay..that's any time of the year) But all this Christmas hub lub has me down right unhappy. Christmas has become so commercialized and all that I'm so sick of why the world celebrates the season! I told Jonathan last night that it wouldn't bother me one bit if I never, I mean NEVER heard "Santa Baby" again. I'm so tired of Santa, elves, reindeer, and Happy Holidays that I'm about to make my own Christmas Day. (Maybe in August, since there's no holidays there) I miss every thing being about Jesus. My goodness, I even saw a church on my way to school that advertised a BREAKFAST WITH SANTA!! A CHURCH! God help us to keep our focus off the rush and on the baby born over 2,ooo years ago. (OK, I'm now stepping off my soap box) :) Merry Christmas!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

An evening at Nana and Dadu's house

Emma and Jonathan

Jonathan "mooching" at the table

Jonathan and Emma on Daddy horse with cabosse Shalynne
We had to take our cousin Daniel home, so we couldn't miss coming to Nana and Dadu's house! Jonathan loved spending time with his cousins and they sure enjoyed him! Jonathan is getting so big! He has 4 and 1/2 teeth, he is cruising and he took two steps yesterday! All by himself! He also said his first word last Saturday... "mama" :) Needless to say, I was so excited. Saying that he is into everything is an understatement. Oh, here's a story for the books- we were on the couch and baby Jonathan was crawling around. We forgot to throw a diaper away and it was sitting on his bedroom floor. He found the diaper, opened it up, and smeared poop on the floor. He was quiet so we went to grab him.. Wow, here's our son, poop on his hands, and a smile on his face- gross! Thank the Lord that he didn't eat it... Anyways, he is a great baby and growing great! Poopy hands and all, he's easy to love!

The time has come...

It is hard to believe that the time is about here! It's baby Jonathan's birthday! We are having his party a few days early because of the busy season. (note: sticker is there to cover the numbers) I had so much fun making these invitations. His party theme is "Red Ball" that's why his invitation is shaped that way :) Everyone attending is to wear red and we are having the fellowship decorated in red and white. I think I am more excited about Jonathan's 1st birthday than he is!!


Jonathan Keith Robbins Jr.
9 months

*Our Family*
Finally, a post! I have had some technical setbacks. And Constance, I really was planning on posting during Youth Challenge but I had my mom's laptop that froze wonderfully. Here are two of our newest pics. Elizabeth Dennis did them, and many more I might add. Next pictures we are getting are for the Christmas season. Hopefully I will have them posted before baby Jonathan turns 40.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My little baby is growing up!

Not only is baby Jonathan's tooth coming through, but so are many other things. First, his personality is coming through loud and clear. He is so funny! He will copy you, fake cough, cry until you look ( and then smile), he loves to shake things and throw them too. He can get upset too, when you don't do it right away you will hear about it! Next, his size is showing. His mean ol' mommy tried to sqeeze him into a cute outfit just because it's cute. Well, he cried and I yanked and when it came off, I vowed not to put it on him again. It still hangs in the closet where I longingly look at it and wish it was bigger. He also is acting like a big boy. Yesterday, he was sitting up, he got into a crawling position and then pulled himself up using the couch. I was cheering and kissing and he probably won't do it again just to save himself from my actions being repeated. He hasn't figured out crawling yet. He will get into the position and sway but not MOVE! Sunday, he was working on it though. He was in the crawling pose, moved this knees forward but not his hands. It resulted in baby Jonathan going head first into the carpet. If only he could figure out that he needs to move them simutaniously. Oh well, I am repeatedly told that when he starts I would have wished he wouldn't have. But oh how I wish he could just get to some of the toys he wanted on his own. But once he starts crawling, he'll get new toys- like mommy and daddy's shoes, picture frames, and items that scream "chew and choke." Oh well, guess it comes with the territory. I love being baby Jonathan's mommy. Wonder if he likes being my son?!? Hmm...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Favorite Kindergarten Class

Channing, Cayden, Tiffany, and Gage
Making our letters out of play doh

Ii is for Indian, so we made hats!!

It is not only my favorite Kindergarten class, but it is my only Kindergarten class! We have learned the sounds how to write Ii, Uu, and Ee. They are all doing a wonderful job! This year we have Channing, Cayden, Tiffany, and Gage. They are GREAT kids...

Finally posting.....

Jonathan is a natural with the Felicia's heart is set on him, much to Tommy Brown's dismay. :) I thought this pic was adorable. Even Felicia lol.

Life has been very busy. Apologies for not blogging sooner, we don't have the internet at home- trying to get it all figured out... But I haven't had time to blog anyways. I hear from some that I need to do it, so here I am, in my classroom- blogging. This picture is Jonny at Jen and Chris Yaney's home in Kentucky. He absolutely loved Jen and spending the weekend with her. Jonathan has been busy with his business and Baby Jonathan. I'm teaching part time at UBA and loving on baby. :)

Friday, May 16, 2008

This is our FIRST family picture together!! We felt like we should get one done, and with Jonathan's work schedule, it seemed like our baby was going to have babies of his own by the time Jonathan worked it in. But alas, it happened, and we were pleased. Great things have been happening in our family, baby Jonathan, is eating baby foods-- he HATES, utterly LOATHES peas, but chows down on the sweet potatoes. He rolled over April 28th. And at the beginning of May he showed his rolling skills by rolling off the bed.. His dare devil stunt put a bruise by his eye, cut his foot, and a scrape on his head... Needless to say, I was scared.. He was crying when we raced in the room and I screamed, "Where did he go?!" Jonathan still makes fun of me for my dumb comment. We had other parenting "issues" too. Like a son who HATES his pacifier and LOVES his thumb. So Janella told me to put socks on his hands when he goes to sleep. Her mom did it for her (like a week and it made her stop when she kept sucking on sock.. Well, we tried it, and in the morning-- Jonny had wiggled BOTH socks off and had his thumb in his mouth. Absolutely CRAZY!! We love our little guy, and he knows it too. Sometimes, when he is in his jumperoo, he cries and cries, we walk over to him to pick him up, and he stops and smiles.... stinker... And this is only the beginning..... I can't wait to see how this baby is going to be as he gets older!!!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Some time well spent in the car

Jonathan did Grandpa Robbins hair Signature Sound Style

These four pics are crazy faces i requested on our ride to the Great American Steak and Buffet. I think some are close to the original look but I will let you decide who.

TN pics

Missionary Baptist Church- 1839

House in Cades Cove- early 1900's

Primitive Baptist Church- April, 1826

Methodist Church- note separate doors for ladies and men

Some pics of the chalet, i waited till the next day to take pics, so I didn't venture into anyones room but ours... it is a huge place with nice views and lots to do..

Monkeying around

I guess when you stay around a chalet for too long of a time and there is someone with any amount of energy, crazy things can happen. Here's Jonathan getting restless and climbing around. He got yelled at so much...

Some of the Chalet Past times

Add Image

Here's lil Daniel showing his moves on Jenga. It was all fun until HE ruined it by dropping it all over the floor. We have also been playing pool, playing on the arcade machine, and taking about letting a load on the ice rink.... inside joke...

Time in Tennessee

For some reason, the pics are not loading very well... But as soon as they do, they will be posted. We have been having a blast here.. Jonathan, me, and baby Jonny are here with Grandma & Grandpa Robbins, The O Donnells, Daniel Robbins family, and Grandma Hig. It has been so much fun. We travelled down Thursday, and went to Dixie Stampede that evening. Friday, Daniel, lil Daniel, Jonathan and I went to Ober Gatlinburg to go ice skating. It was great until the guys got kicked off the ice because they were speed skating.. If only they would be as good as me..... Then, that evening we went to The Comedy Barn with Greg, Anna, the kids and Dracinda. It was hilarious. We got baby Jonathan a horse dressed up like a cowboy.. We got to build it. Then today- Saturday- we went to Cades Cove, it was really neat.. Sunday is church and Monday we are going to DollyWood before we head back for Indiana... Pics to come. :)

Supper with Pete and Liz

Jonathan and I were invited to Pete and Liz's house for dinner. We absolutely had a blast. I almost DIED when we played Mad Gab because Pete and I royally stink... Jonathan and Liz did rather well. But Pete and I could show them up when we played racing on his Playstation 3. It was a great time, great food, and we even had chocolate!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Jonathan and UBC

My son is so cute, that when he goes to a UBC choir service, the girls flock to the room where he is, they want to be with him and fight over his time. They want to be with him so bad. I guess it has to do with him also being 3 months old too... Here's Lestie and Janelle taking care of Jonny with some feeding and spoiling time. And all the way back from Petersburg, IN, he wanted to be held. He's spoiled.

Happy Easter!!

Aubrey and Jonathan Jr. HAD to have pictures together after church. They looked so cute with coordinating outfits on. Jonathan looks like a little man, and Aubrey is pretty happy with her little cousin. Happy Easter to all! He is risen!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Stage Six: kitchen decorating

Here's the finished product of our kitchen. Except our tablecloth and placemats that now adorn the table. It is so nice to have everything almost in its place!

Trip to southern Indiana

We took a trip down to grab Jonathan's mowing equipment. Of course we had to bring the baby or be sacrificed by the in -laws. Well, it was a suprise for Grandma and Grandpa Robbins when we showed up at their house! Note picture of rag-a-muffin Megan holding Jonathan. We are having a great time.