Thursday, November 20, 2008

An evening at Nana and Dadu's house

Emma and Jonathan

Jonathan "mooching" at the table

Jonathan and Emma on Daddy horse with cabosse Shalynne
We had to take our cousin Daniel home, so we couldn't miss coming to Nana and Dadu's house! Jonathan loved spending time with his cousins and they sure enjoyed him! Jonathan is getting so big! He has 4 and 1/2 teeth, he is cruising and he took two steps yesterday! All by himself! He also said his first word last Saturday... "mama" :) Needless to say, I was so excited. Saying that he is into everything is an understatement. Oh, here's a story for the books- we were on the couch and baby Jonathan was crawling around. We forgot to throw a diaper away and it was sitting on his bedroom floor. He found the diaper, opened it up, and smeared poop on the floor. He was quiet so we went to grab him.. Wow, here's our son, poop on his hands, and a smile on his face- gross! Thank the Lord that he didn't eat it... Anyways, he is a great baby and growing great! Poopy hands and all, he's easy to love!

The time has come...

It is hard to believe that the time is about here! It's baby Jonathan's birthday! We are having his party a few days early because of the busy season. (note: sticker is there to cover the numbers) I had so much fun making these invitations. His party theme is "Red Ball" that's why his invitation is shaped that way :) Everyone attending is to wear red and we are having the fellowship decorated in red and white. I think I am more excited about Jonathan's 1st birthday than he is!!


Jonathan Keith Robbins Jr.
9 months

*Our Family*
Finally, a post! I have had some technical setbacks. And Constance, I really was planning on posting during Youth Challenge but I had my mom's laptop that froze wonderfully. Here are two of our newest pics. Elizabeth Dennis did them, and many more I might add. Next pictures we are getting are for the Christmas season. Hopefully I will have them posted before baby Jonathan turns 40.