Saturday, September 4, 2010

Robbins Reunion and all

My husband's wonderful camera skills..
Our gorilla Jonny and monkey Blake
My father in law :)
Jonny and Dadu making delicious biscuits :)

We traveled to Ohio on Friday to spend some time with my in laws. They got a new camper and we just had to see it :) Actually, we were very excited to see them. Especially Jonny. He whined for Bunchen the last few minutes. Her name is Nana, but she tells the grandkids- I love you BIG BUNCHES. So Jonny named her Bunchen. lol Paul became "Dadu Paul" over the weekend and it is a hit and miss of when he addresses him that way :) Today was our Robbins family reunion. We were there for most of it and enjoyed ourselves. We left there and went to see Grandpa and Grandma Covert.. My batteries on the camera died or I would have taken pictures of our special people in Mt. Orab :) The reunion has a theme every year, and this year it was safari. The boys dressed up and got gift cards for their participation :) Yay, diapers :) Jonny got a lot of candy ( a mini Halloween if you ask me) and Jon and I stunk so bad at corn hole it was embarrassing. Even for family to see. :( Made it to the final 3 in a water balloon toss and Jonny enjoyed wayy too many m&m's :) Soooo much fun :)