Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!

Jonathan and Janella are going to be celebrating their 5th year anniversary. We gave them their gift a little early because I was so excited.. Jonathan and I absolutely LOVE Jonathan and Janella. Also known as Aunt Nella and Uncle Jon by lil' Jonathan. :) They are some of our dearest friends and are practically family to us. Actually Nella's bro married my sis, so what does that make us?? Do I get to call Sis. Hilligoss- "auntie"??? :) Hey!! That makes me almost related to the Collingsworth family!!! Anyways... about Jonathan and Janella.... we love them and wish them many more years of happiness!!

Goodwill Goodies

Jonathan and I have been working hard on moving.. And what a time it has been!! I have never had to do it on my own before, I have moved with my family and it has been a trial. Now we have to find boxes, tape, scissors, and we never have enough newspaper for packing the breakables. I don't know if I am obsessive but it seems like I put "fragile" on every box. Jonathan thinks I am horrible because I seem to pack everything that he needs. He complains constantly- and tells others too. Christopher and Jennifer Yaney came over Sunday night, he took off his tie and informed me not to pack it because it was his. Hardy har har. Jonathan had a cow the other day-- I packed lots of lil' Jonathan's stuff and one of the things was his diapers. They are size 1's and I thought we would be fine, well I thought wrong. We went out for Valentine's Day and had a heated discussion about buying some diapers and he was like, "who packs diapers!?" Well, I did.. Anyways, we bought new diapers. Well, then I decided to clear out the junk in our house. Here are the results... And the sad thing is: there's more to come... We have been married for a little over a year and I am still trying to figure out how in the world we acquired SO much stuff. It took three to unload it all, and we decided to get a receipt for the first time... It was nice to get rid of stuff and give some things back to Goodwill too. :)

Little Jonny

We got our first picture of him smiling!! And I personally think he is the cutest baby around...

Jonathan and Daddy

I love taking pictures of Jonathan and our little boy. After work everyday, he grabs lil' Jonathan, lays down on the couch, and they fall asleep together. It's so cute. The other pictures are of the Jonathans on a Sunday. It was his first time getting all decked out. I HAD to take pictures.

A Mall Outing

Jonathan's first mall outing!! Here he is in Hallmark. I don't think he finds this store entertaining.

Tasha wanted to get her hair straightened by this guy. It was an awesome straightener!!

Now, here he is trying to sell it to her. And he brings ME into the sales pitch. Yes, two wonderful straighteners for only 200 DOLLARS.. We hardly could pass up the deal (yeah right) but claimed we had to talk to our husbands before such a purchase. This guy didn't think it was that much!!

We HAD to try on glasses and hats at Charolette Russe, it was so much fun.

Fun and games end when you get in trouble... After our pics, the store manager came to us and told us that we can't take pictures in the store. Yeah, like I was going right home to make my own designs of their glasses to put on the black market...

Friday, February 1, 2008

Train up a child in the way he shall go and when he is old he shall never depart from it.
Here is Jonathan sharing his White Chocolate Mocha with Jonathan jr. - 1 month old.. Note: he is not POURING it into his mouth, it is on the tip of the cup and Jonny is licking it off. I absolutely LOVE Starbucks, so we decided to get him started early. If he gets hooked, Daddy will need to get another job to support our habit!