Thursday, January 31, 2008

Here I am trying my hand at photography. I'm definitely no Brenda Herring, but I know how to push the button to make it flash. I think I am better than what Helen Keller would be with a camera. :)

Picture two: Jonathan held Jonny for this pic. We had a plan too.. Hold the pacifier in his mouth, say "now," pull pacifier out, and snap picture. It seemed to work very well.

I tried some more later. As you can see, I wasn't as successful with this picture. Jonathan thinks I am horrible, but I think it is cute when babies cry. It's sad when the real tears come though. In this picture, Jonny decided that lying down was not too good of an idea...

Newbie Blogger

I have NEVER done a blog before, but I thought after looking at Janella's quite a bit, I could give this a try.. I am not a consistent person when it comes to journaling, but I have high hopes for this... when I have the opportunity to get online, or on the computer for that matter.. Also, this may help with my mother-in-law, who continually is looking at blogs, keep up with her family. I have a rather abnormal life and I think I will like journaling it.

For example: Janella and I are both on the internet, at her house,

on laptops, and on the couch. It also happens to be going on 3 am.

Yes, I am abnormal. And yet- what is normal??