Monday, January 16, 2012

Baby number 3 :)

Well, I am 2 days from19 weeks, smaller in the belly than I was with my previous pregnancies, and so excited to find out the gender! NEXT WEEK!!!! NEXT WEEK I find out! I got the baby's room cleaned up (it was the toy room) and sold some toys :) yay! Bought this crib, wipe warmer, and changing table from a fellow Army wife :) We have this, the baby carrier, the car seat, my pump, boppy, wipe warmer and an outfit.. So much more to get! We are going to put Blake in a twin size bed so that baby can have the mattress. It's one of the things all 3 kiddos will get a lot of use out of! I am so glad to be in my 2nd trimester and feeling so much better! Morning sickness is gone! Now I am having some weird leg pain and constipation. This baby is already showing off some.. Baby enjoys kicking and moving around in the afternoon the most, kicks when I cuddle Blake :), and likes to kick when baby hears Daddy's voice on Skype! Looking forward to June oh so much! I can't wait to meet baby and have Daddy see baby too! 

Finally found the perfect way to tell Daddy the gender, and how to post it online for everyone else! On a serious note, the doctors wonder if I will have pre clampsia issues like I did with Jonny. And with the danger of another seizure, I had to do extra tests. My appointment is on the 24th and I look forward to finding out what the doctor says!! Praying that mommy and baby stay healthy the whole time!! And as soon as I find out the gender, I will begin decorating the room!!! So fun!

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Carol Lopez said...

Wow! Seeing the crib and changing table really makes this seem more real! Praying for a safe, healthy pregnancy and praying for pink scrapbooks! Love you! mom