Friday, October 22, 2010

My new life

I have not been able to pick up my military ID, so I do not consider myself an Army wife yet :) But Jonathan is gone, and has been for going on 3 weeks now. I am doing well with this :) The kids are helping, my constant desire to shake some sense into Jonny and spank Blake until he doesn't touch another breakable item- well it keeps me busy :) Jonathan has sent 4 letters so far, it's better than when we were dating. He also gave a card to Steph to give to me, so I can count that too. I wrote him and told him to stay there forever if it means I can keep getting letters and cards. I need to frame them :) As proof that miracles do happen. He is doing all kinds of neat things, jumping off of high places, enduring obstacle courses, smelling in the scents of the gas chamber. Oh and sleeping outdoors. I have faced some basic training myself- 3 stage bedtime obstacle- 1. get Jonny to bed 2. get him to stay there 3. kick him out of my bed. Then there's the diaper chamber- It's the smell from a child you can smell across the room and you begin to gag as you close in on the little guy. There's also the BATHROOM. Where one child poops in the tub, the other somehow FLIPS out of the tub, and I, Mommy, am attempting to gain some sense of order. I can't imagine being a single mom. Kudos to you women who do it everyday- for years on end. My heart goes out to you. So in the midst of organizing life, unpacking, and waiting for the blessed phone call.. I say to myself- Thank you God.. For my Bathroom moments- great stories and healthy active children. For my diaper moments- hey, they're regular :) For my bed time moments- I have a child who loves his mommy so much. And for my husband's basic training moments- I thank God for a man who is willing to do all he can to support his family and honor his country as well. I love my "new" life and all the hidden blessings it brings!

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Kristina said...

I loved, loved, loved Ugly Betty, too...she's just so...Betty!
Kristina J.