Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jonny's Daddy

Daddy, We love and miss you so much. I am trying to call you on my Buzz Lightyear phone but you won't answer. I guess you are busy at work. Mommy showed me pictures of you on the computer. Your clothes matched everyone's! I keep asking Mommy if you are coming home now. She says we get to come see you! I can't wait. I miss playing with you. Blake is okay to play with but you are lots of fun. Mommy won't let me ride on her back, she says it hurts. Can I ride on yours when you get home. I need you to fix some things too when you get back. Mommy needs to give me more milk. Blakey needs to stop playing with my toys. And I should be able to eat candy all the time. Just fix those things and life will be good. Oh, and make Blakey stop drooling. Thank you, Daddy. Oh, and Mommy lets me eat a kiss a day. Until we see you. But I got to them and ate 5 days worth. In 2 days I will get another "Kiss from Daddy." If these kisses are from you as Mommy says, can you tell her to let me eat them all?? I love you, Daddy. Oh, Blakey and Mommy do too. Have fun!

Love, Jonny


Natalie said...

I love your pictures! So cute!

:) Natalie

Jenny said...