Monday, September 7, 2009

My new job

I am officially a bonifide Creative memories consultant! If you are in the Indianapolis area or the surrounding area and need a consultant, I am available! I am so excited about all of this, having parties, being a consultant at parties hosted, and doing all other fun stuff! I love (adore) scrap booking and this is a great way to do something I love. If anyone wants to host a party, become a consultant, or buy cool stuff, come see my website: Planning another party soon!


Taylanee S. Tooley said...

Caroline did you have your baby that you where due with a seen you at ICHA youth camp i seen that you where pregnant and i thought i would tell you that the site you gave wouldn't work!!!!!!!1

Taylanee S. Tooley said...

Sorry i figured it out it works now sorry!!!!!!!!!!!