Monday, February 18, 2008

A Mall Outing

Jonathan's first mall outing!! Here he is in Hallmark. I don't think he finds this store entertaining.

Tasha wanted to get her hair straightened by this guy. It was an awesome straightener!!

Now, here he is trying to sell it to her. And he brings ME into the sales pitch. Yes, two wonderful straighteners for only 200 DOLLARS.. We hardly could pass up the deal (yeah right) but claimed we had to talk to our husbands before such a purchase. This guy didn't think it was that much!!

We HAD to try on glasses and hats at Charolette Russe, it was so much fun.

Fun and games end when you get in trouble... After our pics, the store manager came to us and told us that we can't take pictures in the store. Yeah, like I was going right home to make my own designs of their glasses to put on the black market...

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Greg & Anna's Cubs said...

Megan looked at the pic of lil Jonny and said, "See he does look like his daddy." Tell Jonathan.