Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary!!

Jonathan and Janella are going to be celebrating their 5th year anniversary. We gave them their gift a little early because I was so excited.. Jonathan and I absolutely LOVE Jonathan and Janella. Also known as Aunt Nella and Uncle Jon by lil' Jonathan. :) They are some of our dearest friends and are practically family to us. Actually Nella's bro married my sis, so what does that make us?? Do I get to call Sis. Hilligoss- "auntie"??? :) Hey!! That makes me almost related to the Collingsworth family!!! Anyways... about Jonathan and Janella.... we love them and wish them many more years of happiness!!

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Janella Thompson said...

Well I happen to think that Jonathan Thompson is pretty hot!!! And boy to be realated to the Collingsworth family. That must be something. Thankgivings and Christmas' must be great. Do they get special discounts on the CD's? You all are special people to be in contact with such a family. LOL :) (Thanks Caroline!!!)